The Great Alpine Road provides access to Mount Hotham through either Bright, or Omeo. The Omeo approach is gentler, and less likely to be closed in bad weather – although it takes longer from central Melbourne.

When driving to Mount Hotham you will need to consider several important points:

  • Snow Chains.  By law these must be carried and fitted where directed.  Hire them in Melbourne or at the foot of the mountain.
  • Road Conditions. Check the daily road reports.  In poor conditions the road may be closed – especially the Harrietville approach.
  • Fuel. There is no fuel available at either Mt Hotham or Harrietville.  Regular diesel fuel can turn to jelly in extreme cold.  Consider filling your tank with Alpine Diesel when approaching the mountain.
  • Anti-freeze. The coolant in most modern vehicles also acts as anti-freeze.  If in doubt – check.
  • Resort Entry Fee.  The resort charges an entry fee for your vehicle.  Refer to the Alpine Easy Access link on this website.  Note:  If you enter the resort before 3.00 pm you may be charged a parking fee for that day.
  • Snowbound Vehicles. The Lodge has shovels for use in digging out snowbound vehicles, but a plastic scraper for your windscreen is handy.

If you don’t want the hassles of driving, consider travelling by coach through one of the many services – from Melbourne or from Harrietville or Omeo. There’s a link to a bus service on this site.

The Mt Hotham airport no longer has scheduled flights.  If necessary you may be able to arrange a charter flight.

For full information about road travel to Hotham, how to prepare your vehicle and how to pre-pay your parking fees visit the Mount Hotham Resort Management link on this page and check out the links there.


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